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From Shaktiman to Doga: Artist Spotlight – Lalit Kumar Sharma

Who are you?

A commerce graduate, I am very curious person and like to know, understand and learn new things.  In school I always had a reputation of being a good artist but I was nick-named ‘scientist’ because of my interest in science and making gadgets. It was only during the later years that I was known more for my art.

I started drawing at the age of three and kept drawing. At the age of 9, I started drawing comic books. I had my own charcters and drew around 35 comic books during school days just for fun. After school I enrolled in Chartered Accountancy but left two months later when my school teacher suggested I become a professional artist instead of a chartered accountant.



How would you introduce your work to the readers?

I started working with local news papers during school days and acutually got projects from a comic publisher when I was in class 11. However my first comic book was published by Diamond Comics of the Shaktimaan fame. Since then I have worked with many publishers like- Raj Comics, Virgin Comics, Holy Cow, etc.

My approach towards making comic books is to tell a story in impressive and effective way.



What are your influences?

During my teen years I was heavily influenced by works of Anupam Sinha. I used to copy his artworks those days to learn to draw. Later I learned from many sources like books, movies, comics, paintings and real life.

Those who influenced me are Anupam sinha, John Buscema, Andrew Loomis, Robert Mcginnis, Jim Lee and many others. The list is long actually.



What inspires you?

The joy of creating art.



How do you interpret art?

For me art is dealing with your emotions through creativity.



– by Anshul Kumar Akhoury
A traveller and a writer, Anshul loves comics!
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