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BAC’s Cosplay Workshop

The Cosplay Workshop, a group initiative started by members of the Bangalore Anime Club (BAC), recently concluded its first ever event. BAC in the past have also conducted manga art workshops, and performed a cosplay flash mob dance during last year’s Bangalore Comic Con 2013.


The objective of The Cosplay Workshop was spreading awareness on cosplay in Bangalore, by offering assistance to those who were looking to take part in this year’s Bangalore Comic Con 2014 or any future events. This was accomplished by having enthusiasts Ajay Kapoor (two-time Cosplay Grand Prize Comic Con India winner) and Rohit Kailashiya from Redemption Props offer dual sessions on costume and cloth stitching, as well as cutting and pasting of foam-made props.


One of the bigger highlights of the event was the Cosplay Contest, with sponsored prizes offered by Gundam Galaxy India, The Entertainment Store and Garble. With roughly ten cosplayers taking part, Pranav Kumar cosplayed as Hashirama Senju (from Naruto) took Best Male, while Best Female was awarded to Ankita Kemkar who donned Re-L Mayer (from Ergo Proxy). A Special Mention prize was awared to Shriya Shankar for her Musa (from Winx Club), a solid effort for a first-time cosplayer. Despite some harsh rains delaying activities, The Cosplay Workshop was a success thanks to the efforts of BAC community and the organising team. Be sure to check the official FB page for photos and upcoming videos:

by Vijay Sinha
He┬ábinges as a full-time game designer for Tiny Mogul Games, and has worked on stuff like Shiva: The Time Bender and Dadi vs Jellies. Otherwise, he also partake in cosplay, as well as host events. And guess what? He’ll be hosting the Bangalore Comic Con 2014!