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Batman Panicking- Artist Spotlight: Adarsh

Who are you?

I am Batman.

I am also a freelance illustrator based in Mumbai.



How would you introduce your work to the readers?

I would send them the link to my art pages that I update “regularly”




What are your influences?

Anime, Video games, comics, novel, movies,TV shows and anime. Yes, i said anime twice, thrice now.



What inspires you? 

I get the the best kick out of browsing through the galleries of some of the legendary artists of our time and of those that came before. Their work makes me feel insignificant and at the same time motivates me to do something about it.



How do you interpret art? 

I like to think of art as a trance that you enter, where you let the body create and express freely without any bounds. Its hard to get into the trance, but once you do, you are addicted forever.



How would you define your relationship with sloth- the “sin”, not the animal?

Married, with two kids.