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Brothers in Art: Artist Spotlight- RJ Artworks

Who are you?
I am a mechanical engineer who is also a wannabe artist, too afraid to step over the line and become a professional one. I’ve been trying and doing my bit to paint and design whenever I find time.
My brother and I go by the name of RJ Artworks, and we have been collaborating for quiet a few years now, doing personal projects, commissioned work and merchandising.




How would you introduce your work to the readers ?
My work is based on pop culture and I use a lot of details and I try to experiment with styles all the time. To be honest, I don’t have a particular style and am still in pursuit of that one piece of Art that’ll make my own jaw drop.
Rohan on the other hand has a clean style.




What are your influences?
Movies, TV Series and music are the biggest influences. Apart from that, the basic habit of the mind to think about random things, also helps once in a while.
Also the internet is fully of insanely amazing artists and it would be a travesty to name just a few. And these amazing artists only make me feel bad about my own work, so I try not to over-indulge.



What inspires you?
I just love to draw. It’s a natural process and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I never work if I don’t feel like. And I can’t stop drawing/ designing once I’m in to it. I obsess over it for hours after it’s finished. So the inspiration comes from within. Sometimes, I just HAVE to draw something even if I don’t have any ideas, it’s like an itch I can’t stop scratching.


The Doors2

How do you interpret art?
It’s difficult to explain. Art is everything worth living for. Humans can survive with basic needs like food, water and oxygen, but art makes life worth living. And you can find it almost everywhere. Nature has provided us with all the ingredients and all we need is the perception. And I also believe different forms of art are connected to each other. Sometimes a song reminds you of a visual, and sometimes a visual reminds you of a song, or a poem. You can write a piece of literature, which inspires a piece of music, which then inspires a dance… the possibilities are endless.
How would you define your relationship with sloth- the sin and not the animal?
believe it’s important to laze around and act like a vegetable sometimes. It’s the breeding ground of ideas. I think an idea is always brewing at the back of our minds, and procrastination only helps that process immensely.