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Cosplay: Dante

Working professionally in the world of video games development, Vijay Sinha loves Lunar, Grandia and many character-oriented action games like Devil May Cry. An avid fan of Transformers and robots, Sinha also boasts of a wonderful toy collection!

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. Over-confident, cheesy at times even one-dimensional, he is still quite lovable! Half-human and half-demon, Dante’s style is quite difficult to match when it comes to fighting. Brandishing his signature weapons Rebellion (a long-sword with a skull on both sides of the hilt), and his semi-automatic pistols called Ebony and Ivory, he is quite a sight to watch!

Cosplaying as Dante had always been a dream for Sinha. The design is mostly taken from Devil May Cry 4, with a touch of Devil May Cry 3 thrown in.

The coat is made of rexine material, and was tailor made in Bangalore. The wig was ordered online and styled by fellow Mumbai cosplayer Niha Novacaine. As far as props go, Ebony and Ivory were made by his close friend Rahul Sharma of NEA Props (based in Kolkata). Both guns were primarily cut from wood with some foam bits attached, detailed with parts like the trigger which was later primed and spray painted.

Rebellion was carved and painted by the Mumbai cosplayer Viraj Koshimkar. It was made using wood for the body and m-seal for the carvings. And with such great attention to detail, it isn’t surprising to realize that Sinha has spent a staggering 10 thousand on this cosplay!