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Cosplay: Frieza

Serial procastinator Gauri likes cosplay, junk food and pretending to be a student in her spare time. An avid fan of anime and manga, she has been cosplaying for 3 years, ever since her first brush with geek culture.



An irritating perfectionist, she taught herself to sew with tutorials on the internet and advice from her mother. Deathly afraid of sharp pointy things and her own ineptitude around them, she tries to sweet talk others into helping her chop up stuff for prop-making.



The idea for Frieza struck her in March 2014 and she spent 9 months obsessing over it. The headpiece was the most time consuming with the better part of four months spent on getting it just right. The armour would not have been possible without help from Scythe’s Skunk Works and a few of other friends.



The road to being a cosmic super villain however, was paved with untold setbacks. For Gaurilla, everything has to happen at the 11th hour and a lot of midnight oil was burned to make Frieza his glorious best. A wee bit of face paint by Aurelia and Freiza was ready to go conquer the world!



In her spare time Gaurilla likes to watch obscure shows and dream up cosplays to shock and awe the world with. Follow her on World Cosplay or Facebook because this is not even her final form!

Photo Credits: Comic Con India and Reetam Unrhymed