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Cosplay: Kurogane


With a penchant for cosplaying side characters, MAC member Reetam Majumder’s Kurogane cosplay took a year of cosplaying before he was convinced that he had the necessary skills to pull this one off!

The clothes were made by a tailor who was given thorough instructions and a whole set of blueprints of what he had to stitch. The sword was made by a local carpenter. It was then painted and polished by his friend Yogesh and Reetam himself, a lengthy process since they had no prior experience working with wood. The dragon scales on the hilt were made of craft foam, and the dragon’s head was made out of the same material by his friend and MAC’s lord saviour when it comes to anything art related, Mrinal. Painting craft foam proved to be a painstaking process, and they had to alternate layers of acrylic and spray paint to get the desired finish. The headgear was made out of foam sheets. The most fragile part of the costume, other than the sword hilt, were the containers/bombs on his belt. Those were also made with craft foam, and working with the material really improved his skills along the way.

Kurogane is one of the main characters from the CLAMP anime/manga, Tsubasa Chronicles. He is a ninja who is banished from his country, an alternate universe Tokyo. He joins Syaoran, Sakura and Faye in their travels looking for a way to return to his country.
Kurogane is a powerful warrior, and in the manga, a foil for the playful Faye and a pillar of strength for all the travellers. He is an experienced warrior, who however can’t kill because while banishing him, a charm was placed on him which would drain his power every time he killed someone – a punishment meant to teach him true strength. Brooding and worldly wise, he is actually a caring person who grows closer to his travelling companions in the course of his journey.