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Cosplay: Skeletor

Writer, singer, webcomic maker, Shreanca is quite the lovable girl next door.

Co-creator of Totes Pototes, a webcomic, her favourite childhood villain is no one, but the lean, mean Skeletor. She swears by her dialogues, character and unbeatable sass!
The bad guy from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Skeletor’s ultimate dream in life was to conquer Castle Greyskull to learn its ancient secrets that would make him the indomitable ruler of Eternia.

Though the idea of playing Skeletor was just a random one, it was quite perfect for Shreanca.

Starting from conceptualizing the look and putting together every single piece of the costume, Shreanca did it all! The entire armor for the cross bones,chest,shoulder and the hips were made of foam. The head cover and the cape was just made out of normal satin cloth. The armor and the props were later on painted using acrylic colors to match the purple which Skeletor actually flaunts. And the face, was done using different shades of acrylic color to make it look like the yellow skull which her friend Pragnya Venkatesh did so flawlessly.

This cosplay was probably the most recognized and noticed on the third day of comic con. And needless to say, she was announced as the winner of TV/ANIMATED SERIES.
Photo and Fan-art credit: Mrinal Roy, Ankit Singh and Comic Con India