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Cosplay: SnakeEyes

Cosplaying as Snake Eyes of the G I Joe fame, Bangalore based Zain Hasan has been a G I Joe fanatic for as long as he can remember. With a special love for the silent Snake Eyes, he set out to achieve the look that can only be considered complete with the katana, the insignia and the guns, shurikens and grenades!

Not an easy task at all, Zain started off by getting hold of a biker’s armour- basically a riding jacket with armour padding on the inside that helps define muscles better. Bu pairing that with a pair of normal black jeans, matching elbow and knee pads, his old pair of military boots finally came handy as well!

With the sword being built from scratch, a pretty convincing pistol and a mask that was made of an old balaclava and a few broken headphones, Bangalore’s very own Snake Eyes was ready for the show!

A part of the Bangalore Cosplayers Initiative, Zain takes his duties as a cosplayer very seriously indeed!