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Cosplay: Ulquiorra Cifer

A copywriter by day and an anime enthusiast whenever time allows, Amritha Rajarathnam made her debut into the world of cosplaying in her Ulquiorra Cifer costume. Cold, ruthless and the embodiment of emptiness, the Cuarta Espada from Bleach sounded a  tad impossible for this five foot half inch chibi to pull off! But mesmerized by him, there was no other costume Amritha wanted to don as her first cosplay!
So after much planning, last minute work and an embarrassing auto ride across the town, face full of make-up, she made it to the Bangalore Comic Con (2013) gloomy… but grateful! If she was her regular, cheerful self, not only would her face paint crack, her acting skills that can only be compared to an eel, would make her cosplay even less convincing! But the grump coupled with stunning attention to detail ensured that results were spectacular. From making more friends than she had in an entire lifetime, to posing for pictures, she experienced emotions she will never forget! And like the saying goes, no great cosplay is ever complete without great friends. And in Amritha’s case, Shalini Selvarajan, Rushil Rajaratnam, Sylvester Pradeep and Varsha Dharmaraj deserve a round of applause!