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Cosplaying it Right: Akanksha Sachan


With a love for anime and a passion for costumes, it did not take Akanksha Sachan long to develop a deep bond with cosplays. A self-proclaimed Otaku, she not only swears by anime and manga, she is quite a gamer too!

Making her costumes from scratch, Akanksha likes to experiment with fabrics gathering inspiration from cosplayers all over the world. With some great armours to show off, this Calcutta girl starts with creating a basic foundation of the armour and then heads towards moulding it after which she makes sure that her costume does justice to the characters she portrays. Hand painted, she prefers spray paints to give her costume the perfect finish.

After spending just one year mastering the art of cosplaying, Akanksha not only managed to floor the judges at Comic Con Bangalore, she also received much appreciation from the Online Cosplay Competition organized by the Cool Japan Festival which takes places in Mumbai every March.

With such great efforts put into cosplaying right, her Erza Scarlet costume is perhaps the most impressive she has ever been!