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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins Series 1 – Batman Review

Paint – 7/10

BatmanIn the game Batman’s suit was a very ‘urban ninja’ , almost Nolan-Batman-like in design than the more comic style approach the previous games had, and this figure reflects that well. The Batsuit is more dark grey than black and the armour components are separated in a distinct plate-like manner. The paint on the eyes too is very good, However the Batsuit stands out in the game for its really great detailing, The paint work hasn’t included the minute, sharper details like the small bolts and difference of texture in different parts of the costume. However Its understandable considering the scale and price point of the figure.

Articulation – 9/10

Astounding! That’s what came to my mind when I first checked the figure for its articulation points. I was suspicious that this would be a more articulated figure compared to the usual DCC glorified statue releases when I saw the abs-crunch in the package, but I was blown away when I actually saw how articulated the figure was! Double Jointed knees, ankles in the ball hinge style of Play Arts Kai figures, split Crotch Joints… My God! This Batman is easily one of DCC’s most articulated figures ever!

Accessories – ?

Nope, nada, nil.

Overall – 8/10

As a avid collector of the Arkham Franchise I am truly truly excited to see how the subsequent figures turn out, as all the changes that have happened to the Arkham line, from this wave onwards, seem to be the right ones to give the franchise a new impetus and keep things very fresh.
I felt the same about the game too…


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