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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins Series 1 – Black Mask Review

Black Mask 2

Articulation – 3/10

The articulation on this is akin to McFarlane’s original Spawn glorified statues. There is just a ball jointed head, hinge elbows, ball jointed wrist, cut ankles, and cut shoulders. Nothing below the belt, quite literally.

Accessories – 8/10

Two Guns. Cant fault them, as in those two gun were the only things he probably wielded.

Overall – 7/10

The score probably isn’t as low as you had expected, and why? Because in spite of its shortcomings (sculpted pinstripe and next to nothing articulation) it is still a solid figure when on display – specially with the rest of the guys of the same wave around him. He is an integral part of the game and despite the whole figure screaming of budget cuts, the head-sculpt and its paint application is probably one of the best I have ever seen at this scale from any toymaker.

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