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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins [2] – Anarky Review

The FIFA World Cup is over, the previous month there was no issue due to some major changes in StripTease the mag. So, to kick off things after this downtime, we continue to review figures from DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins Series 2. Today we take a look at a very intriguing DC Universe character whose name and imagery seems to reference a legendary creation of the great Alan Moore, namely Anarky.

Anarky is one of the lesser known DCU characters with his largest presence being in Bat-family publications. A creation of Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, Anarky was designed as an anti-hero who would clash with Batman for his ‘extremist’ philosophy of combating what he deemed corruption and social injustice. In the game Anarky’s look is modified from his original comic appearance which – in my opinion – was an improvement when considering his age and philosophy. Despite the obvious comparisons his actual imagery has with V, Anarky’s in-game design not only helps push him farther from that look, but also be in tune with the rest of the character designs and settings.

Packaging – 9/10

This is the same clamshell packaging that I discussed extensively when I covered the figure from the previous waves .

Sculpt – 9/10

This will again echo the what I have mentioned in previous reviews of figures of the Origins franchise, which is that it’s Gentle Giant Studio Sculpt hence seems to have a digital model base – accurate and detailed – well done.
One thing unique here is unlike the other figures with sculpted clothing, the hoodie jacket sculpt is actually a separate piece on the figure, a soft rubber piece of clothing! The body/arms underneath this rubber jacket is just a clear plastic armature containing the articulation. Also the head sculpt is based of two separate sculpts of a blank head and a mask instead of being a single piece masked sculpt. It helps portray the gap and depth of an actual man with a mask on.

Paint – 8/10

The paint in the second series is actually better than the first. Consistent and well composed to flesh out details specially on Anarky’s very grungy look. Special mention for the way his decals are painted on and backpack is weathered. All the tiny things like the badges on his jacket, emblems are done very cleanly and stand out.

Articulation – 8/10

Series 2 figures not only improved on the paint from Series 1, but also on articulation. Anarky has ball jointed head, ball jointed arms, bicep swivels, single elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, double jointed knees, swivel boots.

Accessories – ?/10

Not sure if I should really give points, as he comes with one Molotov Cocktail as his accessory. The thing looks great with the clear plastic bottle and a rush of flames on top, however the flame sculpt is heavier than the bottle and sometimes pushes the bottle out of the hand grip due to the weight pulling it down. This is a fitting accessory, though small.

Overall – 8/10

A very well made figure and the touch of realism with the rubber jacket and two piece masked sculpt make it one of my favourites from the franchise!

The Rating

– Ankit Mitra.
A toy enthusiast with a penchant for the unique. Let’s just say, his Batcave has a thing or two every comic book-lover would love to encounter!