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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins Series 2 – Killer Croc Review

“Thought I caught your scent”

I’m back again and as promised will continue to review figures from DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins. We finished off with Series 1 and now to start off with Series 2 we will take a look at the big one from this series – Killer Croc. One of the unique things about Series 2 is this is one of the only all rogues gallery only wave. There is no Batman figure or a ‘hero’ figure in this wave at all.

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t played the game, the trailers of the game had not really shown much of Killer Croc but had revealed him to be a part of the game as one of the assassins hunting down The Dark Knight. He has a feral design in this instalment which was much less mutated from his look in Arkham Asylum or City (where he appears in a flash and if you blink you miss the cameo). Honestly in some ways his look is like an updated version of his avatar from the DC Animated Universe – which is always a good thing. Also this figure was touted to be one of the largest figures of the Arkham Origins wave (which is normal considering he is probably the largest in size character in the game).

Packaging – 8/10

Because of his size this figure comes in the same cardboard packaging scheme that I discussed extensively when I covered the Bane figure from this wave 1, the only difference between them is that this is only bigger.

Sculpt – 9/10

This will echo the same things I have mentioned in previous figures of the wave. Gentle Giant Studio Sculpt – I suspect it to be a 3D scan model based sculpt – Its stunningly accurate to the game – very detailed – really good.
One thing I have to mention is that oddly the figure is actually taller than DC Collectibles very own Arkham Asylum Killer Croc figure. In the game Origins Croc is definately shorter than his more mutated avatar in Asylum and City. However he is correctly scaled to Batman. Which can only mean that the Asylum release is undersized in scale.


Paint – 8/10

Like the rest of the figures in the wave the paint applications are very good and consistent. Special mention for the way his scales are made really prominent, and also that the paint on his visible teeth has no sops or bleeding so is very clean. His eyes too have a menacing look to them and the pinstripes on his pants are perfect with no stripes going out of phase and leaning into each other. Great paint on a perfect sculpt.

Articulation – 8/10


If there were complains about DCC cheapening out over the articulation in the Series 1 figures (except Batman) then I think they completely adressed them. Croc is very very well articulated! ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, single elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist swivel, ball hinged hips, single ball jointed knees, ball jointed ankles. This figure can really be posed!

Accessories – ?/10

Nothing. Croc is a bestial fighter, his main intent is to eat his opponent(?). So I say a very fitting move.

Overall – 8/10

A very solid figure. The way DCC is picking up steam with awesome sculpts, really good paint and now so much articulation while keeping the aesthetics of the sculpt intact. I cant wait to see what more will come as offerings in the future!