Hilariously dirty: Oglaf

OglafTrudy Cooper and Doug Bayne’s brainchild started out as one of the most refreshingly brilliant webcomics on the block, and the very disclaimer before one actually enters the site, is a delicious example of the raunchy, self-aware humor which has gone behind Oglaf. The site is self-proclaimed as being quite adult in its content, and it is also very unpretentious about the kind of adult humor it contains. Oglaf is sexual through and through, and Cooper and Bayne never really tried being subtle about it. Instead, they infused a lot of sharp wit and fresh humor and they ended up creating a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek monster which is funny and dirty all at the same time.

Oglaf started out containing unrelated strips and stories, but over the last few years, these stories have come together under an overarching story-line, which may or may not be followed by a new reader. This is because, each of the stories, in and of themselves, are quite self-contained. Oglaf is set in a fantasy world where semen walks and talks, and where fun is considered to be a monster which must be defeated at all costs. Within this fantastical world resides a sadistic queen who gets her kicks out of sexually repressing (quite literally) her apprentice. Kronar, the son of man, who, one is suspicious, is a parody of the very straight Conan (the former is, of course, homosexual through and through). Cumsprite is the trouble-making blob of semen, and Oglaf himself is a young boy who features once in a while, in the throes of his *ahem* awakening, which duly tells him that he is indeed the Chosen One. Female vigilantes with voluptuous figures, a fantastical and deeply profound creature which resembles a giraffe with teats, and the Snow Queen, who is not (unfortunately) as frigid as one would expect her to be, are just some of the important characters in the webcomic.