“I dont buy doubles… but when I did, it was only for this one” McFarlane Image 10th Anniversary : Spawn Review


2002 is the big 10th an1niversary of Image Comics. To celebrate this milestone, several of the Image founders got together at one of the legendary Image partners meetings and decided it would be cool for McFarlane Toys to release a series of action figures of four of the original Image Comics heroes. Thus, the 10th Anniversary Line was born and sculpted with a mix of comic artwork reference and our sculptors’ fine-honed sense of detail.” – The McFarlane Toys

A commendable effort, yes! But you didn‘t fool anyone with that Todd, we know which and whose character got all the love and effort – it really showed!

No toy enthusiast needs to be introduced to McFarlane Toys. What’s great about the display-worthy showpieces, the 6/7“ scale toys is the fact that they paved way for just the ‘players’ to graduate into collectors!

Image, a publishing front for individual properties/studios founded by Todd McFarlane and some of Marvel Comics’ top employees, was born with the vision of making it an art/artist first company (they ensured artists would retain full rights over their creations and not the company – an arrangement quite unheard/unusual in the industry in those times). Todd, of course, didn’t just stop at comics, he made his own toy company and here is the figure which I can unabashedly say is the best Spawn figure made till date – make that one of the best figures ever in its scale in the history of the industry.