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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins Series 1 – Joker Review

“I present to you the death of the Batman!” 


And finally, we reach the end of the first wave of collectibles from DC’s Batman: Arkham Origins. Fittingly, it is The Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker.

Being careful to not spoil those who haven’t played the game yet, the trailers revealed little about The Joker. We didn’t know if he was just an assassin wanting to cash in on the bounty on Batman’s head, or something entirely different. What I personally loved about The Joker’s character and personality design in the game was that it felt like the developers had fused the two most iconic interpretations of the supervillain – Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight and Mark Hamill from the DC Animated Universe – a decision that helped appease fans of both portrayals. A smart move, and one that added further to a complex character’s nuances, but how does the figure match up?

Packaging – 9/10

This is the same clamshell packaging that I discussed extensively when I covered the Batman figure from this series back in November.

Sculpt – 8/10

Gentle Giant Studios are the people behind the sculpt. Once more, I will reiterate my suspicion that they have been using 3D printed models as their base, which they have done consistently in the past. In any case, 3D rendered or not – it is an excellent sculpt which captures the onscreen character perfectly like the rest of the figures in this series. I especially like the spiky hair which is so reminiscent of DC’s animation.

One thing I hate is the closed fists – why, DC, why?! Even one splayed palm could have added so many options for posing and display.

Paint – 8/10

Like the rest of the figures in this series, the paintjob is consistent and high grade. The weathering on The Joker’s clothes deserves a special mention for that grungy feel that’s so characteristic of him while retaining the uniqueness of the colour palette.

Articulation – 4/10

The Joker is slightly better articulated than Black Mask, but just about. That explains why the figure scores so badly in this area. The articulation points are pretty much the same as Black Mask, except for DC’s generous addition of a hinged knee and a pelvic hinge.

Accessories – ?/10

Nothing. There are no accessories, whatsoever. Those closed fists are a pretty good indicator of the developers’ intent.

Overall – 7.5/10

A very solid figure that combines two of my favourite interpretations of a cult character, barring some design decisions on the part of DC that I feel are detrimental to its potential.