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Introducing ICBM Comics

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the fledgling Indian Comic book industry, two of the leading independent comic book publishers – Chariot Comics and Meta Desi Comics – have come together to create a new unified publisher called ICBM Comics, that will act as the umbrella brand under which both publishers will work to create new characters and push their existing titles forward.

Speaking about the initiative Akshay Dhar (Founder, Meta-Desi Comics) said, “This is a unique initiative wherein two creator-driven indie publishers have come together to pool our skill and energy to enable us to take our titles and characters to the next level.”

“By working together under the ICBM imprint, we will be able to not only market, distribute and utilise our individual strengths better, but we will also provide a new slate of collaborative efforts between our writers, our artists and our characters the likes of which has never been seen before in India,” he added.

“The collaboration between both the houses under the ICBM imprint allows us to consolidate our distribution and marketing and more importantly give to our audience the combined creative expertise of our studios. ICBM will function as a joint imprint brand similar to how Image Comics (USA) used to,” said Aniruddho Chakraborty, Co-founder, Chariot Comics.


“In today’s time when the market for independent English Comics is still nascent and growing, sustainability and long-term vision are key factors, factors which, when ignored, have led to the demise of, or branching away from comics, for many others. This joint-effort allows us to do that – focus on making comics long-term. It will also enable us to branch out into newer, exciting fields and be present together at all of the Comic Cons in India, which is a key marketing and sales avenue for us,” adds Aniruddho.

Under ICBM Comics imprint, both Chariot and Meta-Desi will consolidate their character rosters which include VRICA, Raakshas, Desolation Runner, Zombie Rising, Damned, Holy Hell, Super Soldier Squad and many others. The two studios will also look to create collaborative crossovers amongst their various comic book universes, early next year.