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Manga Mayhem: Artist Spotlight P Gowra Hari

Who are you?

Hi, i’m gowra hari, I’m a classical artist and have completed my post-graduation in fine arts. And am the illustrator of India’s first manga KaKaa : The Shaman Trials .



How would you introduce your work to our readers?

I has begun exploring the manga field, it has been 2 years since then, and what inspired me most in this journey is the Japanese style of comics, called the manga. I now work extensively on the mangas .Developing my manga art skills continuously is my priority now.



What are the tools you use to create art?

My work is a complete hand work and not digitalized. Usual’s aside I am now experimenting with nibs and inks. Bamboo brushes and G – pens are the flavor of the season. I like to work with handmade paper as it has some rustic texture to it.



What are your influences?

I was a big fan of cartoons since my childhood; I made a comic –strip involving mickey and Donald when I was 7. Later on what caught my attention was dragon ball-z and more importantly toriko.My brother is my primary source of inspiration. He has had researched and collected a lot of material with which I could get an idea of the entire picture and proceed with the art work.



How do you interpret art?

It is medium though which I communicate with people. I express my innate feelings and my passions and give it a form on the is a well-known that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. What I feel is that my imagination has taken to greater heights which happened through the channel of art.



How would you define your relationship with sloth- the “sin”, not the animal?

It’s a double edged sword. Applied scarcely it can heal burn outs and in abundance it starts eating our edge.