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Mudi Pls

When I discovered Mudi first, there came a point of time when I lost a lot of friends off my Facebook. While some were not very pleased about my incessant spamming and mindless obsession, some found it distasteful and offensive. How could anyone even dare to make fun of our great leader? How could anyone make fun of anything like this in India at all. It was blasphemous. Just like parody is supposed to be.



Created by the master of illusion and disguise, the anonymous Swagmohan, Norinder Mudi, inspired by the Dolanesque school of thought came into existence a little more than a year ago. Hailing from Gujroit and believing in Magixxx, Mudi loves doklas, has sweg and can make people crie. A troll of epic proportions, this page has taken the world by storm. Though the creators choose to hide behind masks and comics and though they have a fair share of brainwashed haters who wouldn’t understand humour even if it danced naked in front of them, they are heroes in their own rights.



After all, making the better (or worse) part of a whole country laugh with a bunch of crudely drawn comics is not easy.



And sometime last month, we managed to track down Swagmohan himself to learn more about world domination.



Here’s presenting an exclusive with anonymous ones from the recesses of the internet.





ST: Why did you create Norinder? 


SwagMohan (SM): I first created Monmuhin in early 2013, and it went on to get a few thousand likes by September 2013. The Modi wave was emerging around that time, and hence we created the page “for the lulz”. We had no idea that the page could do as well as it did, and many of them actually understood most of the lame jokes and references. I’m really happy and amused about the response it has received.



ST: Do you have trouble not talking in Dolan speak in public? 


SM: Well, I don’t know about speaking, but it definitely becomes a problem while chatting with someone. The lingo has gotten deep down inside me, and some of the frequent words I use on the page have replaced the original spellings. It becomes annoying for the person who has no idea about it.



ST:  Tell us the story behind Slim Mudi


SM: Slim Mudi was an idea which an admin of ours came up with. He is a hardcore Eminem fan. Since there were a lot of Eminem fans on our page, we decided to mix both the concepts of Slim Shady and Mudi. They have been well received by our fans.



ST:  Aren’t you worried about Modi fanatics hunting you down? 


SM: Of course we are. We are careful about some retards trying to take us down who mistake it for being a hate page. The best we can do is preserve our real identities. We have no personal hatred towards Modi. We fear that they would interfere with our personal lives and do something only people with the right sense wouldn’t.



ST:  What do you like most about being Mudi? 


SM: Since the page has a huge fan following, its nice to be looked upon for providing comic relief. Some people out there actually consider us funny. They expect a funny take on any bug thing doing the rounds. Though the page is dead from the times during the election, it still has some spark left. Its nice to see many fans contacting us to let us know that some of our jokes lighten up their mood. It is awesome being loved by many.



ST:  What do you dislike most about being Mudi? 


SM: Since the page is controversial, the comment sections on some of the jokes become a battle ground between the ones who like and dislike Modi. The hatred is directed to us, and they hold us responsible for all the hate. There have been threats about reporting the page (some people are jobless enough to do so), and few of our comics have also been taken down by Facebook in the past. Its very disheartening to see all this. Also, we are always accused by Modi fanatics of being AAP supporters, but the truth is we don’t like that political party either. Its annoying to see many AAP supporters using the jokes for hatred.



ST: Do you think India has a sense of humour? 


SM: India indeed has some brilliant parody, satire and just general humour pages and accounts. Most of them are under rated, or even hated upon for no reason. In my opinion, the audience needs to be a little more mature. There is still a large section of the crowd who cannot take offensive jokes or dark humour. Some of them react too much unnecessarily. The audience has to let go of their fanboyism towards any political personality or celebrity.



ST: What is the toughest thing about maintaining the page? 


SM: The toughest thing is to maintain the balance of both the sides – the ardent admirers, and the blind haters of Modi. We post stuff to cater both the sides. Sometimes we take the pain to explain to the people who message us. Most of them go in vain, but we try doing our bit. Also, we restrain from posting anything too offensive which could get us into deep trouble. The page is a lot more inactive than before, and we have other priorities in life too. We don’t pay attention much to the page these days. We are trying to devote some time to get the page back to life.