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Mystic Canvas: Artist Spotlight- Vivek Nag

Who are you?

I am a 23 year old digital artist based in Mumbai. Having done traditional 2D animation and digital painting, I have worked in many fields of the industry with a few odd jobs here and there. For the time being, I am doing a degree in Fine Arts and trying to get a stronger base in my traditional approach to art.



How would you introduce your work to the readers?

My work is a blend of pop culture and a traditional approach on the digital canvas. A mystic approach to my renditions is usually what people consider to be my trademark style. I have made multiple portraits of Pop culture biggies like characters from the hit shows ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and film trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings.’ At the moment, I am working on a portrait series called ‘Sins and Taboos’ which will soon be on display in an exhibition.



What are your influences?

Stories are one of the greatest influences of my life. Stories of great artists searching for their break, stories of survival and perseverance. These stories help an artist to put his life into perspective and to keep moving forward despite the many failures an artist must endure.



What inspires you?

Digital artists are a plenty but realism is what captures and captivates my attention. Traditional artists Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazette and Riccardo Federicci are like Gods to me. In digital, Justin Coro Kauffman, Aleksi Briclot and Marko Djurdjevic are everlasting inspirations.




How do you interpret art?

The interpretation of art broadens for me as I explore new horizons and meet new artists. For me, any creation that expresses honesty, freedom and love for a subject. Appeal becomes a secondary aspect with the thought process behind the creation, becoming the primary focus. Art is alive and everywhere, one just needs to get in tune with it.



How would you define your relationship with sloth- the “sin”, not the animal?

Best Friend. Worst Enemy.

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