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Of Brush-strokes and Daydreams- Artist Spotlight: Avik Kumar Maitra

Who are you?

I am a professional illustrator (specialising in comics) from Calcutta, currently living in Delhi.

How would you introduce your work to the readers?

Um, by asking them to go buy it! They can browse it first, here and then, here 

What are your influences?

Comics, books, magazines, classical art, movies, TV series, streets – in a nutshell, anything visual. As for influential artists, they are legion.

What inspires you?

Current events, my own socio-political beliefs, newspaper articles, a girl on the metro – again, it can be anything.

How do you interpret art?

As something intangible that grows inside you, and which has to be let out sooner or later, in whatever form you can.


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