Pop Cult India Explores Some Super-Romances

I don’t suppose it will come across as surprising when I say that the world of comics have some incredible romances to boast of. You could flip though Blankets by Craig Thompson to get a taste of non-fiction romance in a graphic novel. Or you could dig into Brian K Vaughn’s ongoing sci-fi series Saga that traces the journey of two star-crossed lovers.

And if you think that our beloved caped crusaders are left out of the love games, you could not be more mistaken.

I think I can safely say that it is pretty much impossible to think of a superhero without a significant other. Like the arch-nemesis, a romantic partner has always been an essential feature of the life and times of superheroes. And in recent times, it are these very romances that not just sell, but also be considered to the primary theme of titles. Exhibit A: Superman and Wonder Woman.

And since love is in the air this month, to respect traditions, it is time for us to take a look at some of the most memorable couples in the world of superheroes.

Spiderman & Mary Jane Watson

“Maybe the rest of the world thinks marriage is something between other marriages, but it means something to me. You’re my partner and my husband and I love you. This is our life. “
-Mary Jane Watson

Gwen Stacy will always be remembered and if it wasn’t for her Spidey wouldn’t have been in the list at all. The reason why Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s love story is so memorable is because it represents a coming of age.
After losing the love of their life the way Peter lost Gwen, not many will be able to find love again. Along came Mary Jane. She rebuilt Spiderman’s soul. There’s always that distraction from the seductive Felicia Hardy, but MJ has stood by his side through thick and thin.
One More Day was a very controversial story-arc, where Peter & MJ erase their memories of each other in exchange for Aunt May’s life. In spite of this deal with the devil, sparks started flying a few years later because there’s something about Mary.
P.s. They also shared the greatest kiss in comic book history.

Cyclops & Emma Frost

“Thank you for being the one person who believed in me. Even though it turns out you were wrong too.” -Emma Frost
“I wasn’t wrong to believe in you. I still do. I always will.”-Scott Summers

No, it’s not a telepathic joke. I do mean it when I say Cyclops and Emma Frost, and not Cyclops and Jean Grey.
Scott Summer’s romances can be traced back to his teen relationship with Jean Grey. Then she died. In order to cope with Jean’s loss, he dated a doppelganger who also died. After which he re-dates and eventually marries the resurrected Jean. And she died again.
Even though Emma Frost was a member of the Hellfire Club, she established a more stable romantic relationship with Scott. They have virtually been co-leading the team since they began seeing each other. Mature and passionate, sometimes their relationship invokes telepathic making out.

Batman & Catwoman

“Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.” -Batman
“But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.” – Catwoman

Bruce Wayne is the sexiest bachelor in the DCU and naturally he’s been involved with many ladies. Among these women, one siren stands out; Selina Kyle is the light of the Caped Crusader’s night. And he is her Knight in shining armour. Their encounters are filled with wit, flirting, action and raw passion.
Some might argue that Master Wayne’s relation with Talia al Ghul was more romantic and this is validated by their son Damian Wayne. However, Bats and Selina also have a lovechild in an alternate universe. She is known to us as Helena Wayne a.k.a. Huntress.
While none of the stories focussed on their love has been memorable, their midnight rooftop encounters are unforgettable.

Gambit & Rogue

“All ah ask, all ah need, is somebody to hold me. Stroke his fingers through muh hair. Promise me that everythin’s gonna be fine… that all the cuts and bruises are worth it in the end. More than anything Remy… ah want that person t’ be you.” – Rogue

This is the mutant couple that beats all others. Nobody knew that some casual flirting between a former villain and a French thief would bud into beautiful bond.
It’s interesting how Gambit can channel energy into anything he touches while Rogue can take the powers of anyone she touches. They seem made for each other in a really geeky genetic sort of way.
But love is never easy. Our southern belle Rogue’s touch will invariably put you into a coma. Imagine not being able to hold your love in your arms. Even though physicality is not the only thing, it is not something that can be removed from a relationship. For these two, physicality is not even an option.
Yet this couple has endured longer than many other X-couples.
This beloved couple may never get the luxury of touch, but they’ve surely felt each other’s souls.

Superman & Lois Lane

“Chief, I`ve done Superman… Covered him. You know what I mean.” – Lois Lane

Not even Wonder Woman can cause a rift in this paradise because no one likes it when the hottest guy in school is dating the hottest girl in school. Supes’ pairing with Wonder Woman falls flat in comparison to his coupling with Lois.
On might argue that the ambitious journalist is not as gorgeous and strong as an Amazonian princess but she can take care of herself. Moreover, Diana loves Kal whereas Lois loves Clark. Anyone can fall in love with a god. Only few can love a man for his character and not his powers. The bond shared by Lois and Clark is the primary reason why Superman is still loyal to his adopted home. She humbles the Kryptonian but never compromises his position as earth’s greatest hero.
Whether it be Lois bossing Clark at the Daily Planet or Superman saving his lady love from a speeding bullet, their chemistry is unmatched and evergreen.