Pop Cult India’s Justice League Cast

Recently Gal Gadot nabbed the role of Wonder Woman and is all set to appear in the Man of Steel sequel. Despite being a lesser known actress her casting seems apt. The Israeli beauty can easily pass for an Amazonian princess. Moreover, Gadot’s Fast & Furious role gives us a glimpse of the ferocity required to portray Wonder Woman. 

Now there are still a few major casting slots left to fill for the Justice League movie. Read on to find out how we’d build the roster if we were at the helm of things.

Green Lantern

No one in their right mind would recast Ryan Reynolds. Not even if he produces the film himself.

Since Bruce Wayne has been rebooted, the same can be done for Hal Jordan. In that case Bradley Cooper would be the perfect fit. Everyone knows Hal and Bruce aren’t best buds and we think Cooper vs Affleck would be an interesting rivalry.

Yet in order to attract the current generation they could bring John Stewart on screen. Who better than Idris Elba Stringer Bell to do him justice?
See Luther for his intensity. See Pacific Rim and Prometheus for his soldier look. See Thor: The Dark World for his battle sequences.  He’s the man Warner Brothers. Rope him in.

The Flash


One very obvious choice for this role would be Chris Pine. Try remembering his Captain Kirk portrayal. He’s cocky, he’s thinks on his feet and he’s filled with emotion. Basically Pine has played Barry Allen in two movies already!

Let’s take a fresh look at Flash. How about Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame? This young star has got the talent for sure. Paul can also switch from main to supporting actor smoothly without fading away or overpowering the rest of the cast. That gives him a one up over Pine.

On a personal level I’d kill to hear The Flash say, “I’m the fastest man alive… B***h.”