Pop Cult India’s take on The 5 Most Powerful Superhero Abilities

Everybody knows that Superman is probably the most powerful character in the fictional history of mankind. He’s basically God in spandex. It’s arguable that only one other character could beat him, with the exception of Batman. And that would be our planet’s foremost hydrogen enthusiast, Dr. Manhattan. These two are the epitome of extraordinary superheroes. Then what about the others? Does the fact that they have fewer abilities make them less powerful, pointless even?  Turns out, even a single superhero ability used correctly could push them over the top, sometimes into the realm of ludicrousness.

Wolverine’s Accelerated Healing Factor


Plenty of superheroes have this regenerative ability. With humble beginnings of healing bullet wounds and blade scars, this power went to new heights by having their heroes grow back their limbs; become immune to poison; and render decapitation, as their whole nervous system would regenerate.

Finally, what blew every comic reader’s suspension of disbelief to shreds was when Wolverine regenerated from a drop of blood. A single drop!

Therefore we can infer that all you need to get Wolverine back is a part of him and not a nervous system that coordinates cell growth. So the only thing left to see is Logan creating a clone army by giving himself a paper cut.

Shadowcat’s Phasing


Phasing is the ability to pass through solid matter and when it was first introduced it seemed like one of the most defensive powers ever. Some (male chauvinists) would even call it girly. Enter Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat.

She began using phasing as a weapon, showing off its offensive potential. By phasing into a body or a bit of circuitry she could mess them up, which made it a ‘cool’ power. Then she took it to a whole new level by phasing 10 mile long bullet through earth. At this point ‘cool’ became a bit of an understatement.