Pop Cult’s Greatest Female Villains

In the 21st century’s bid for equality the number of female antagonists has never been higher in our comics and graphic novels and the subsequent movies they spawn. Here’s our list of women who are better at taking over the world than the rest.

Hero Brown


Contrary to her name she’s actually the primary antagonist of Y: The Last Man (who is her brother). When the whole world faces a male gender-cide, she gets involved with feminist extremist cult known as the Amazons. Cult member must remove one breast and promote complete anarchy and the death of all men. On learning that Yorrick Brown (the last man) is alive, our sharpshooting Hero steps up to eliminate him.

Harley Quinn


Dr Harleen Quinzel empathised with her patient the Joker so much that she became his reflection. A psychopath psychiatrist is a lethal combination for a villain. Chaos is unpredictable; add a little emotion to that and all of Gotham trembles. Moreover fans love giving her makeovers, though they always stick to her primary colors: red, white and black. You’ll love Harley if you like them kooky or if you’re an uniform “enthusiast”.

Poison Ivy


Dr Pamela Isley is a formidable eco-terrorist. Her bloodstream contains poisonous toxins and she also has the ability secrete pheromones.
Amongst all the Batman villains, she is one of the few with a justified cause; preservation of Mother Nature. Her ability to make anyone fall in love with her makes her lethal, because everyone knows that love hurts.



When your birth name is Raven Darkholme you know you’re not an angel. Initially Mystique was only seen as Magneto’s lieutenant and his surrogate if he was absent. However, Mystique established her individuality and slowly became one of the most feared women in mutant-kind. Over the years she has become the comic book world’s definitive femme fatale.

Georgina Daramount


This lady is the head teacher of the prestigious Morning Glories Academy. At this fine educational institution the protagonists are drowned on orientation day and PE is basically the Hunger Games. All of this is masterminded by Georgina, who is an amalgamation of every rude, merciless, sadistic, cocky teacher to have taught on this earth. Georgina is so evil that she even seduces one of the students. There is a very fine line between evil and sexy.