Pop Cult’s Most Underrated Superheroes!

With so many caped crusaders to choose from, natural selection (read: fandom) has proven certain heroes more worthy of adulation than others and sadly, some deserving heroes have taken the back seat and sulked!

Though there are innumerable underrated heroes, this list focuses on mainstream heroes who could do with some more love! Your enlightenment begins here.


02#5 Aquaman

Arthur Curry

 After a long, hard think, apart from co-founding JL, I can come up with nothing else remotely important that he can take credit for. And honestly, his Marvel ‘cousin’ Namor managed to win more hearts being an anti-hero. No wonder he is such a standing joke amongst DC fans!

But however, when played right, the Atlantean is a tsunami of power! His improved sight, strength and speed underwater, makes him the Superman of the ocean. Moreover, anyone who can summon marine fauna ranging from plankton to krakens is most definitely awesome. With his recently acquired Waterbearer Hand which can project water, dehydrate enemies and change shape, the new comics which largely reflect his real-life struggle to achieve hero status are selling well! I say it is time we gave this guy a chance.

Places of Respect: New 52, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, Flashpoint

#4 Martian Manhunter03

J’onn J’onzz/John Jones

 Looks like these Justic Leage co-founders are doomed to gather dust! The last-of-his-kind alien who often fights his own kind, his superpowers make him appear as an unpopular version of Superman!

While I gingerly state that, in ways, fans are slightly racist for choosing Clark over him, I also realize with fire being his weakness, he fizzes out sooner than a man whose sole weakness is nothing other than Kryptonite!

But if you can get past believing that he is just another Superman wannabe, you are wrong. John’s origins might be similar but are equally rich. Moreover, he is a shape-shifter, a powerful telepath and a hero who can turn intangible as well. And it is pretty cool to realize that his weakness is purely psychosomatic.

Places of Respect:  JL: Secret Origins, Animated Series, Final Crisis: Requiem