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Psy Sigh: Artist Spotlight- Acid Toad


Who are you?

I am an amphibian sage who has taken human form to recreate the mushroom realm. I hail from into what you humans address as reality.

How would you introduce your work to the readers?

Psychedelic surrealism that does not serve any purpose. There’s darkness, there’s humour and there are things you will not come across in your sober state or sane of mind.

What are your influences?

I am sorry, but I am going to go all generic here and reply “Nature.” Corny as that sounds, its true. Natural forms and textures have always fascinated me and I love artists who try and incorporate such elements into their work. Artists like John Dyer Baizley, Robert Borbas (grindesign), Justin Kamerer (Angryblue) (just to name a few) and their works have had an impact on the way I draw. I also have a fetish for comic art which too barges its way into my work. In addition to this there are beer/wine labels, all kinds of vintage labels available on paper, tin or wood carved. Richly illustrated currency notes… all of these had an influence on the way I go about illustrating.

What inspires you?

Here’s another sappy line for you: “Life itself”. Again, because its true. I am fascinated and inspired by nature, the existence of life, the universe and my ever growing love for food. I mean what’s the point in art if I can’t have a good beef burger with bacon on it?

How do you interpret art?

As a three letter English word that has the capability to illustrate the cultural evolution of human beings. But in this world its mostly viewed as a “cool” thing to be associated with or as a career of a not so intelligent person who failed in science subjects. Meh.

How would you define your relationship with sloth- the “sin”, not the animal?

Its very intimate actually. Oh, you said NOT the animal. Hmmm… in that case, still intimate I guess.

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