Review: Ao No Exorcist

AonoExorcistWhat happens when Satan, the ruler of another world bent on conquering our world fathers a child here? You’re about to find out in Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). Rin Okumura lives with his twin brother Yukio & his Priest foster father Shiro Fujimoto in peace. Rin is a hot-headed but good hearted boy who is always ready to fight for what’s right. He has his sense of normalcy destroyed when he discovers he has Satan’s blood coursing through his veins. Satan needs a vessel and Rin’s is what he is looking for. His foster father protects him but ends up dying in the process. Rin rejects his biological heritage outright while unleashing his inner demon powers at the same time. He proclaims to become an exorcist, the polar opposite of a demon in order to kill his father.

Rin joins the same academy as Yukio to commence his training as an exorcist only to find out his brother is not as innocent as he seemed. Rin struggles being acknowledged by his peers and his own self acceptance with his demonic bloodline .He trains with other fellow exorcist without them finding out about his true form.  You may find a multitude of similarities between Ao no exorcist and other shonen mangas like Bleach (In the way both heroes unleash hidden powers while having the idea of their world shattered) and Naruto (Their acceptance by their peers and them accepting themselves). Worry not they differ in more ways than they seem.  Prepare to find yourselves curiously flipping through pages in this seemingly dark yet causally light intensive comedy, action, fantasy and supernatural Manga.