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Sameer’s Cosplays

Sameer Bundela remembers volunteering for the first Comic Con India in Delhi where he put up a serious effort of cosplaying as Rorschach and how cosplaying was still a non-typical activity in a non-typical event like Comic Con. Other than a few other volunteers, who had dressed up in a myriad of their favourite comic book characters, the venue was relatively empty. While the onlookers mistook Sameeer’s Rorschach costume to be either the Spiderman or the Invisible Man, the wait for other cosplayers to turn up was long enough to question their decision of dressing up as comic characters at a random event which people hardly knew about. Just as their hopes started dimming out, a cosplayer arrived and then two and eventually by the end of the day, there were thirty of them. The number only increased on the second day of the Comic Con. For Sameer and the entire regular cosplayers gang, and over the past four years with two hundred cosplayers per day this year, the Con has come a long way since the first time Sameer partook as Rorschach in the event. Sameer has won most of the cosplaying events hosted at the Comic Con by donning the costumes of Rorschach, Freddy Kreuger, Spawn and this year as Judge Dredd.

Sameer’s cosplay costumes are normally made from random everyday stuff lying around the house, but he has a special corner for the Dredd cosplay, which he used this year. An old helmet was stuffed and shaped with paper mache and foam while fevicol was used for the shiny finish and eventually modify it into the Dredd headgear. Craft foam and fevicol was used for the shoulder and the Lawgiver. After the basic structure was made, he spray painted and coloured it with acrylic so as to bring out the details. The other parts of the costume like the jacket, boots and the belt were either procured from the market or borrowed from a friend.

Thanks to his friends, transporting the costume from Bhopal to Delhi, which is a task in itself, was relatively easier as Sameer split it up into pieces.

Sameer’s love for cosplaying motivates him to raise the bar as he outdoes himself every year with a different yet elaborate and difficult design. He takes his cosplaying projects really seriously and hopes to showcase them at the Bangalore and Mumbai Comic Cons.

You can follow Sameer on Facebook, where he uploads tutorials, WIP of his cosplays and other random fascinating artsy stuff.