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Skip Beat: A Review

SkipBeat01There are very few things in this world that can get you out of that black miserable hole you think yourself into. This little anime is one of them. Skip Beat is a manga turned anime series turned Taiwanese drama. The drama tries to stay closer to the manga where the plotline is concerned, but it’s the anime that’s truly worth a watch.

Young Kyoko drops out of high school and moves to Tokyo with Shotaro, the guy she’s been desperately in love with since they were kids. She’s completely devoted to him and totally blind about him to a fault. But lo and behold the guy is a complete *insert expletive of choice here*.

It is the classic story of the emotionally and financially supportive girlfriend who gets dumped the minute the man’s music career takes off. When Kyoko overhears how Shotaro really feels about her and gets unceremoniously chucked out of Shotaro’s talent agency she vows to get her revenge on him. Her plan involves a rather severe makeover and head-butting her way into show business.

In drops the new love interest—the incredibly dreamy Tsuruga Ren. The relationship between Kyoko and Ren is definitely more defined in the manga. In fact as the manga progresses it sort of becomes the focus. The anime doesn’t really do it justice; so if you’re following the manga you probably won’t get as many kicks out of it as you would if you’re just watching the anime. My advice is watch the anime first and then read the manga.

A really great feature here is that you get to see this girl fight an uphill battle all the way; not just in her personal life but in her professional one too. She rises to the challenge every time. As the series goes on Kyoko’s goals and priorities change and she changes as a person. The love story may drive the plot but holding down the fort of this series is Kyoko with her perseverance and her talent.

The comedy-drama-romance makes you giggle, guffaw and cheers you up at the end of the day. Despite fans pleading for a second season of the anime there will not be one. But one never entirely gets tired of watching of this one, and that leads to countless re-watches. The manga on the other hand is still ongoing with 33 tankobon volumes published and more to follow.