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Artist Spotlight – Priyanka Tampi

Who are you?

I’m Batman.

I wish.

I am Priyanka Tampi and I love to draw, animate and write short stories and poems.




How would you introduce your work to our readers?

Ta da!

I’m kidding.

My artwork is mostly based on people and the human form and occasionally my interpretation of society. I like to personify abstract concepts and distort the human form to represent these concepts.

Put plainly, I like to give emotions a face so I know what I’m dealing with.

The ideas often take precedence over the style, which varies depending on whether it suits the concept.




What are the tools you use to create art?

Pencils, charcoal and pens are my first love. But, I’ve been addicted to the Pen tablet these days. I also love using oil pastels, dry pastels, acrylic paints, coloured pencils and sometimes watercolour.




What are your influences?

Recently, my influences include a lot of the illustration styles that I find on various art blogs. But, growing up they have mainly included renaissance artists and surrealist artists. To name a few artists that have really had an impact and still continue to do so are Salvador Dali, Leonardo’s Anatomy studies and John William Waterhouse.




 How do you interpret art?

Art is the everyday as seen through the eyes of someone who has experienced it in their own way and attached a very specific combination of emotions to it.

I believe art doesn’t want to necessarily be understood as it was intended to be comprehended, but wants you to have the feeling that it understands you, the spectator, more deeply.




 How would you define your relationship with sloth- the “sin”, not the animal?

Sloth and I have quite a steady relationship going and we are very much in love, but sloth gives me my space when I need it.

Due to this relation Satan has a special place in Hell reserved for me and my only salvation is Deadlines.