Tease of the Month: Pablo Stanley

Starting from the very beginning, it was the catholic elementary school that he went to that imbibed in him not only the will to be an atheist, but also an artist. A fan of popular culture, Stanley started young. “I loved the Terminator and Batman movies but I wanted to do my own versions, so I made interactive comics about them. I would show them to my friends,” he recounts. And that is how the founder of the punk rock band, Dead Stanleys (which broke up in 2006) found himself scribbling away to glory from the age of nine! But it was only in January 2012 that he embraced his life as a comic artist and thankfully, there has been no looking back since then!

Staying true to his love for creating his own versions, Stanley’s long list of swag boasts of his take on pop culture. Starting from the legendary world of Tatooine to The Beatles his works boast of all things awesome, but not saccharine! It was his tribute to Freddie Mercury last year that grabbed my eyes by their balls and led me to worship this man like I have worshipped very few. With a sense of humour perfectly complimented by a sense of absolute misery it is time the world got to know some more about the man behind the art!

ST: Over the years, as a writer and an artist, what is the most important discovery you’ve made so far?
PS: Get a day job that will pay for the route to your dream job. Never assume people will do what you expect them to do. Take matters into your own hands. You’re alone. Embrace the solitude. You’re your best friend.

ST: Of all the comics and illustrations you’ve done, which is closest to your heart and why?
PS: I made a comic called ‘Mr. Fahrenheit’. It uses the lyrics from ‘Don’t stop me now’ from Queen. I drew Freddie Mercury flying through the sky, dancing and singing. I am a big fan of Freddie, his life, voice, art and energy. It was really emotional for me to do that comic.

ST: How do you deal with creative barricades?
PS: Drink coffee. Read a book. Talk to friends. Get some bourbon. Isolate myself. Get depressed. Eat like an animal. Feel like a waste of space. Get suicidal thoughts. Then get a sudden idea. Be ok again. Repeat.

ST: Humour and misery- you depict both using the same style. Why?
PS: You just need to talk about things that you know or are interested in. Go deep, to your darkest thoughts and scariest places; light a fire and welcome the sadness. You’ll smile about it later.

Although, I admit that sometimes I write comics just for the laughs, using old jokes I told when I was a kid or some that I find online. Not a lot of passion there, just a constant urge to keep myself busy and current.

ST: With so much of art and comics on the internet, do you think there is more good than bad and why?
PS: There is always more good than bad. People are by default well-intentioned. We get derailed once in a while but we’re good down the core. If there wasn’t any bad, the good wouldn’t have so much value.

ST: Wise words from you to our readers.
PS: Read books. Start a blog. Be humble. Learn to drive stick-shift. Opening the door for someone is not optional. Say ‘thank you’ when someone opens one for you. Always be presentable. Go beyond your comfort zone. If you see something wrong is happening, don’t just stand-by; take action! Respect your elders. Keep your word. Don’t chase women/men, chase your dreams, women/men will come after that.