Spotlight on Shamik

A name that is not unfamiliar to anyone who takes interest in the Indian comic scene, Shamik Dasgupta is currently on a journey that is about to bring to life Devi Chaudhurani, the Bengali classic written by Bankin Chandra Chattopadhyay, in graphic form. However, through his journey as a comic creator, Shamik has offered the country some brilliant reads. Listing all of them would prove to be quite a task for us, so we decided to take the easy way out and list three of his best works this issue!

Ramayan #03 Ramayan 3392 AD

A post-apocalyptic take on Valmiki’s Ramayana, the events in this graphic novel unfold in a realm far different from ours. With a third World War reshaping the world as we know it, the two continents of Nark and Aryavarta are plagued with turmoil as mindgames, political warfare, love, lust, treachery colour the pages of this creation. With minute attention paid to detail, Dasgupta not only makes sure that the story flows seamlessly, he makes the job of retelling a myth different. With the demonic Ravana and his army of monsters threatening to bring to a premature conclusion the concept of humanity, it is up to the warrior prince Rama to pick up arms against the darkness that is gradually spreading all over the world. Like Valmiki’s Ramayana, young Rama sets out with his brother Lakshman, wife Seeta and his legendary army to put an end to the horror.

#02 The Legends of Aveon Aveon

Unravelling in a galaxy far, far away, this is about the journey of a young woman to discover her roots and trace them back to answers she longs for. With a galactic war breaking out across the realm, what had started off as a simple journey, soon takes a turn towards the extraordinary. A SciFi ‘epic’ in its own right, The Legends of Aveon introduces us to some incredible characters, the gorgeous princess Lunestra being a popular favourite! Though blessed with the right qualities that could make her one of the most powerful Queens of all time, this girl with a need for adventure prefers to spend time with all the wrong things… making her more and more lovable!

old school#01 Old School 

Not too popular and not very publicized either, it only with fostering familiarity with Dasgupta’s more popular work that you learn about the incredible web-series Old School. Dasgupta’s homage to the idea of Bengali Detectives (Felu Da) and old Calcutta in all its charming glory, this series starting off with The Case of Chorbazari Charminar, is gripping and yes, even nostalgia inducing. Admittedly, it is the Bengalis who have grown up to appreciate these ideas who will immediately warm up to the sleuth shando Da. But with the gradual progression of stories, the reality-inspired characters make every Ray-reading, tea-loving young person smile.