The Pride Parade

With India recently labeling homosexuality as a criminal offence, pretty much every argument that accompanied liberalness has been dragged out to the forefront. With lawmakers being urged to look at instances throughout history, religion and mythology that make a case for equal rights, there is little that is left to explore of that realm. But however, mortals seem to forget that there is a world out there, a world characterized by some rather special people who not only save days, but also lives through the pages of colourful and at times, not so colourful sequential art.


#5 NorthStar



It was in June 2012 that X-Man Northstar tied the knot with his long-term partner Kyle Jinadu. And it was no surprise considering that he was perhaps the first Marvel superhero to be so openly comfortable about his sexuality! It was in Alpha Fight 106 that Jean-Paul BeaubierJean-Paul Beaubier, the human mutant, openly admitted to being gay. After all “I am gay!” is admission enough! Being able to fly at near light speed and possessing superhuman stamina, this mutant, for the lack of better words, is most definitely fabulous!

#4 Dr Mann


Dr Mann

When you read Y the Last Man, you not only realize Pia Guerra’s genius, you are also taken slightly aback to realize that indeed, love can flourish during times of crises even if you aren’t the protagonist. With Dr Mann whisking Agent 355 off her feet on board a cargo ship full of female sailors, and love blossoming between them, most pubescent young boys exposed to Y have gotten their fair share of thrills seeing gorgeous women engage in such passionate exchanges. But thankfully, the underlying sense of irony does not go past the wiser readers. It is only by encountering such secretive and transgressive trysts in comic books, that you grow to accept humankind the way they are… kinks and quirks included!

#3 Kevin Keller


Kevin Keller


Introduced to Archies readers in 2002, Kevin Keller was the first man in Archies who openly admitted to being gay! Albeit, his heartwarming confession spewed from his mouth while he was bonding over food with Jughead, but it was that one little confession that proved to make Veronica #202 an instant bestseller, prompting an issue reprint! However, it will be unfair to say that Keller was loved by all.  In 2012, homophobes of America uniting against the name “One Million Moms” protested vehemently against the cover that portrayed his (same-sex) marriage on grounds of being immoral and of course a bad influence! But like they say, haters will always hate!


#2 Golden Age Green Lantern


Green Lantern


Following in the footsteps of Keller and Northstar, DC Comics decided to reintroduce one of their longest-running and more popular superheroes as a gay man! With Alan Scott re-emerging as a gay man in 2012, the One Million Moms had a problem yet again. But when one of DC’s type-A personality superheroes decides to step out of the closet, there is but little homophobes can do! Reintroduced by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott, it was the matter-of-fact way in which he revealed his sexuality in the Earth Two series that made us all go “aww!”  However, remarkable similarities between Keller and Scott are slightly difficult to difficult to ignore.


#1 Batwoman




After years of silence, when Batwoman came back to unravelling mysteries through comic books, much had changed since 1956. Christened Kate Kane, Batwoman now was not only of Jewish decent, but a fierce lesbian as well. Upon being ousted from the military because of her queer streak, she embraces a life that is nothing short of utterly hedonistic. But it is only after encountering Batman one dark night that she found her true calling and donned the cape of justice. And this feisty girl has proved to us, over and over again, that she never shies away from chastising anyone who isn’t comfortable with their sexuality! Quite the superhero, eh?