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DC Collectibles Batman : Arkham Origins Series 1 – Bane Review

Bane“I’ve long waited for this moment. With your death, I will find peace.”

This month we continue with the trend of reviewing a figure from the first wave of DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Origins, and today we we will be looking at Bane.

For those familiar with the Arkham franchise, Bane was pretty much the first Boss battle we encountered in Arkham Asylum and also one of the largest figures from AA’s figure line. His importance in the present game however is much much more and we can safely say that of the much publicised would-be assassins of Batman, Bane’s screen time was the highest and the figure does well to reflect his importance. Unlike Black Mask; however, ironically, if you have played the game you can see some odd poetic justice in Black Mask’s underdeveloped figure.

Packaging – 8/10

Bane is a big guy. I mean really big. His size ensured he wouldn’t fit in the standard clamshell packaging of the rest of the figures of the series so he stands out with a cardboard box packaging with a transparent sheet of plastic at the front to show him off. Minimal twisty ties and secure vac trays ensure the figure is well protected while easy to remove.

Sculpt – 9/10

The sculpt as with all the other figures of the series, is credited to Gentle Giant Studios and they have to be complimented for capturing every nuance of the character: from his physique to his attire. He is an enormous figure and the amazing sculpting ensures he looks like a really big and tall person with plausible proportions, unlike the overtly exaggerated and caricatured avatar he had in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In my opinion this is the best interpretation of Bane on any medium. It combines the best of Nolan’s re-imagining and the Knightfall arc to create a believable intellectually and physically challenging adversary for Batman. Again I would like to reiterate my suspicions that he was a 3D modelled sculpt – because the accuracy of the figure to that in the game is just uncanny.