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DC Collectibles San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Batman Arkham City : Hugo Strange

Huge Strange PackageMost Comic Cons dont get any bigger than the one at San Diego! And for the pop-culture hungry soul, releases encompassing every imaginable thing makes you nod your head in approval. But amidst all the joy, there lies the dreaded “Comic Con Exclusive“ items!
Why dreaded? For starters, the never ending queues that lead to the exclusive stores are enough to make you think twice about whether your buy is worth the fight; but faced with the choice to brag about it to the less fortunate ones, the wait till you get your hands on the loot is a small price to pay.

And this figure is my right to brag.

Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to the the awe-stonishing, record breaking video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been a cash cow for Warner and DC not just via sales of the actual game itself and its various DLC but also its line of figures as released by DC Collectibles (erstwhile known as DC Direct) The Arkham line of figures has been till date DCC’s biggest, not just in terms of the number of different figures released, but also in terms of its popularity and sales.

Dr. Hugo Strange was the publicised main antagonist for this game, so when folks heard he would be a con exclusive release, it was chaos. I confess, I too was one of those who moaned that such a main character would not see the light of day through a general release and screamed for the blood of the DCC execs but some good fortune snagged me this figure, without having to look all over the net/eBay or pay a premium. A good samaritan, Jonathan Reynolds, at one of the online collectible forums I am a member of, helped me out by selling the figure to me for zero profit as he said he was just trying to pass on a good act – he had got hold of the figure as some girl in the con gave him her queue ticket for it. The DCC Arkham Line is probably the one I collect religiously and so getting this figure thrilled me. Like always the scores on this review reflect my personal opinion and expectations from the figure.