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DC Collectibles San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Batman Arkham City : Hugo Strange

Packaging: 7/10


Its the standard package design for the regular Arkham line of figures. With the clamshell shaped in the form of Batman’s cowl with the figure sandwiched between the clamshell and a vac tray cut out in its shape. DCC uses twisty ties quite a lot and very effectively. One odd thing was that usually these con exclusives have a sticker on it labelling it as a con exclusive, but there was none on this one. I chcked images from others who went to the event and bought the figure and it was not on their package too. Strange.

Sculpt: 8/10

The Arkham line has always had veru good sculpts which represented the game models very well (ofcourse the ocassional lows are there like Talia) but overall this sculpt is at the above average mark for this line.

Paint: 8/10

No complaints on this one. Paintwork is clean, crisp and special mention for the nice little badge which has very clear decal work on it.

Articulation 6/10

DCC figures were never known for heavy articulation unlike their Matterl counterparts, instead focusing on stronger sculpts and better paint and nothings different on this one. However it has a lot more articulation than say, Zsaz or Poison Ivy. Articulation at the leg, knees, wrist, elbow, upper bicep, shoulder, and neck is pretty much covers all that it has, though some of them are limited due to his long coat.

Accessories 6/10

I cant really find fault on this one because Hugo Strange didnt really have many ‘toys’ of his own within the game itself. He comes with a scalpel and a hypodermic syringe (which is transparent and has a very cool half filled with liquid effect). These are REALLY TINY, so losing them wont be much of a challenge.

Overall 7/10

This figure was essential to my display, and my only gripe was that he was based on the look he sported in the initial trailers of the game and not the main game itself (The difference being the button clasps of his lab coat) But maybe this means they may re-release him in the main line in the look of the main game, and for the first time Im hoping it wont be so…

Hugo Specs